Sunday, 25 May 2014

Nyanpire - The Gothic World of Nyanpire

A small black kitten was abandoned by his owner. The kitten was rescued by a vampire, who fed the kitten his blood, turning him into Nyanpire! The Gothic World of Nyanpire was turned into a cartoon series in 2011 and it featured Nyanpire during his everyday adventures and spending time with his human owner. Unfortunately there were only 12 episodes in the series, but Nyanpire can still be found in shops and game centres across Japan.

This video is a little introduction to the Kawaii characters you will find on the show:

When we were in Tokyo, I noticed that Nyapire was a character you saw being used to add a touch of Kawaii to darker fashions such as Goth Lolita, Punk and Rock. He is super cute and you can find him and his friends on an array of items! Over the last few years I have managed to pick up a few pieces which I thought I could show in this post.

Here are some of the pieces I have in my collection, most of which we came across in game centres and had to win!

These first items below are little charms that you can collect and display in lots of different ways, such as a necklace or a charm bracelet.  The programme has several characters, the first on the from right is Nyatenshi who is a little white cat that was thrown out of Heaven for his womanizing ways! He has little black wings and a halo above his head ^^. The character at the back right is Nyanpire ^^. The cat on the back left is Chachamaru who is a siamese cat that wears a large pink ribbon! Super cute! She lives with Nyanpire as she has the same human owner. The last cat at the front left is Masamunya Dokuganryu, a samurai cat that falls in love with Nyanpire. Masamunya Dokuganryu is dressed as Date Masamune, the famous Samurai.

For added Kawaiiness, each pendant comes in a coffin shaped box which I have kept to keep them nice. One of the next items is a housey item which shows you the range in which you can find Nyanpire on!

This is a pink waste paper bin that had a swing lid. It is super Kawaii and features Nyanpire himself on the front of it. The item in front of the bin is a small pouch which again features Nyanpire. You can use this pouch for either coins or small items of make up, which is what I use it for ^^.

In this pic you can see a super Kawaii mini plush of Nyanpire dressed in a Happi which has a little cat print on it, he also has a cat fan ^^.  This is the type of outfit you would see at a traditional Japanese festival! You can find many plushes available in game centres with outfits changing with the seasons. The last two items behind the plush are two, more detailed charms that I won in a UFO machine. One is Nyanpire and the other is Masamunya Dokuganryu. They both feature a pink cross hanging below them and a pink bell above them on the chain. These could also be used on a necklace or as just a charm on a special bag. Other items I have blogged about before have also featured Nyanpire such as the photo frames in my Kawaii Snaps post!

Do you have any Kawaii Nyanpire items? 

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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