Sunday, 4 May 2014

h.NAOTO x Hello Kitty

h.NAOTO is a Japanese designer of mainly punk and gothic clothing. He has a two storey shop called h.NAOTO+ in Harajuku on Cat Street which looks awesome!

For Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary, Sanrio collaborated with h.NAOTO to produce a range combining punk and gothic lolita. The end product was an awesome range featuring accessories, bags and charms.

Being a rocker this range was a must find for me and we managed to track down some awesome pieces. 

We managed to get our hands on a super Kawaii bag in the shape of Hello Kitty's head. In the range she has bright yellow hair and her trade mark bow is replaced with a Kawaii cross bones ribbon. You can't fit a lot in it but who cares! It looks super cute ^^. We also got hold of a gorgeous chunky necklace. The chain is black plastic and features several charms such as skulls and crosses on it. It also features a sparkly crown which you can see in the pic below:

The main pendant is a Hello Kitty charm with her dressed as a gothic lolita, with yellow and black as her main colours. Her outfit is ultra cute and details crosses and skull and cross bones. Her legs have a green detail and her shoes have blue detailed on them. You can see her full outfit in the close up pic below.

This necklace is a very strong looking piece and is a huge statement in itself. If you want to get your hands on something from this range then keep your eyes pealed on eBay as they do crop up from time to time, just be willing to click as soon a you see it!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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