Monday, 19 May 2014

Blind Bags! - My Little Pony ^^

Have you ever heard of blind bags? or blind boxes? A blind bag or box is an item that you can buy and you don't know what's inside! You can find these types of items all over the place now a days and I find they are a really affordable and kawaii surprise! The blind items are usually an all over print so you cannot see inside.

We recently found these My Little Pony blind bags in Sainsburys for just a few pound. They normally come as part of a collection and you can go onto collect the whole range. The bags normally show you somewhere on the packaging (here it's on the back) what items come in the range, and therefore what you could possibly have inside the bag.

This range from My Little Pony has 12 in its set and it shows you a pic of each one and their name.
Having seen what was available I couldn't wait to open my blind bags to see which ones I had! ^^

And here they are!!!!

I managed to get three different ponies, Applejack, Big Mcintosh and Amethyst Star! Aren't they super Kawaii!!!!  They are very well detailed and brightly coloured. They each come with their own card that shows a pic of them, their name and their personality. The back of the card has a lovely little scene of the ponies you can get as part of the range. I find that this is an awesome way to get little ornaments that you can use all over the home and work. I have a habit of sticking them along the top of my work monitor. No matter how much they irritate my colleagues, I don't care, they cheer me up and remind me there's life outside of the boring office!

You can find blind bags in supermarkets, toy stores and online. They are normally around £1.99 and are awesome little gifts for a friend or just a treat for yourself! And if you get duplicates, it's ok! You can use them as decorations, jewellery or you could even swap them with a friend!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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