Friday, 4 April 2014


Today we visited an awesome cafe called TWIST. The cafe is on Ethel Street in Birmingham City Centre and is extremely easy to spot!

The colourful signs outside boast of the delicious items on offer, including Bubble Tea and Frozen Yogurt. If you have never heard of or tasted Bubble Tea then you need to pop in and try it! Bubble Tea is (in TWIST's own words) "a tea based drink which is sweetened with variations of either fruit, milk or syrups. Lets not forget the signature ingredient if bubble tea - the small chewy tapioca balls."

When we spotted this awesome place a few weeks ago we knew we had to go back and check it out, and we weren't disappointed!! Once inside you choose from a list of milk and fruit Bubble Teas. The two awesome dudes serving explained everything to us and after seeing everything that was on offer this is what we came up with. 

Aren't they so colourful and Kawaii? ^^  We both went for fruit Bubble Teas, which are made with jasmine green tea, to help refresh us for an afternoon of shopping!

 I chose a strawberry tea with grape jelly and mango juice pearls. This ended up bright red! Mr chose a green apple tea with strawberry and cherry juice pearls. This ended up bright green with bright red pearls at the bottom.
Although we both chose different combinations, we ended up swapping several times to get a good taste of each.

Verdict ........ THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!! The tea was sweet and cool and when you bit into the pearls they were like little bursts of flavour, and it was extremely nom nom! 

While we were there we also tried out a pot of Frozen Yogurt. There are loads of toppings on offer and we picked strawberry juice pearls, gummy bears and jelly tots. ^^

The juice pearls were delicious with a mouthful of yogurt! Each a little pop of strawberry! 

We really enjoyed our visit to TWIST and highly recommend it to anyone who visits Birmingham City Centre. For complete newbies they even offer a full explanation of what you can have and offer free samples! They even have a loyalty card and offer free Wi-Fi!

You can find TWIST Cafe on both facebook and twitter

This is sure to become a frequent pit stop for us on our shopping trips and you never know, may bump into you there. 

 Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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