Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Today's Accessories ^^

Since starting this blog I have discovered that I just don't wear enough Kawaii to work, so I've stepped it up! And to keep me on the Kawaii path I will be doing regular posts reporting on my chosen accessories that day!

Today's colour is red!

Today's bag is a Hello Kitty Sailor bag covered in white polka dots and is just the right size to fit all my necessities and lunch box in. I have chosen a Kawaii Hello Kitty charm to wear on my necklace which shows Hello Kitty dressed as Mukku (a character from the children's programme Hirake! Ponkikiki), this is adorable! I have chosen a Hello Kitty red bow clip and a Space Invaders ring to top the look off. The bow clip was from Vivitix on the Takeshita Dori and the ring was from Swimmer, which is a small boutique in Laforet.

I hope you like today's look and that it inspires you to get your Kawaii on, whether you're at school or work!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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