Monday, 21 April 2014

Tarina Tarantino - Hello Kitty Pink Head Collection

I have spent the weekend sorting through all of my accessories in search of inspiration for my blog and outfits for the upcoming Cons I will be attending in July. I have built quite a collection over the last 10 years and had forgotten about half of the things I had stored away in boxes and bags, so this weekend has been a lovely rediscovery of some awesome brands and sets that you can still get your hands on.

One of my many favourite collections come from a lovely Kawaii designer called Tarina Tarantino. If you have heard or seen Tarina you probably want her hair as much as I do! If only I could find out what brand of dye she uses! ^^ Anyway, Tarina collaborated with Sanrio in 2002 to produce the Pink Head Hello Kitty range. The Pink Head range includes hair accessories, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and even the odd bag. The range consists of many mini ranges itself including Gothic Lolita, MOD, Bridal and Heritage name a few. Pink Head has been admired and worn by many celebrities and can make a real statement in your outfit whether it be informal day to day wear or for a formal outing.

I have managed to build a small collection of Pink Head thanks to my lovely husband <3 The first piece I got was a MOD pink heart necklace which I think is still my favourite:

It has a thick chunky chain which connects at the front. The MOD pic in the middle of the heart is surrounded by Swarovski crystals which give the pendant some glitz. I have worn this to special events and to days out, I have even worn it to work! It feels a shame to leave it at home, boxed up only to be used at special events ^^. I loved this necklace so much that my husband surprised me the next birthday with another one!

This is also from the MOD range but the heart and crystals come in a gorgeous yellow. It's a lovely summery colour and again can be worn for any type of event. With the weather getting nicer this one might have to come out of the draw more often ^^

The final heart necklace in the Pink Head range I have is a Heart Necklace. The heart comes in a lovely deep pinky purple that compliments the colours on the pendant picture. The crystals are a glittery purple colour and the picture shows Hello Kitty holding a teddy bear with her hair being long and wispy. Another purple necklace that I have is a crystal medallion necklace:

The picture on the pendant is the same as the one on the purple heart necklace above. This is a more delicate necklace with a less chunky chain and a crystal at the very end of the chain clasp. I do keep this necklace for special occasions. 

Each necklace comes with a little Hello Kitty shaped plaque on the back showing it was a product of Tarina Tarantino. This is a nice little touch that makes the pieces feel even more special. 

You can view and even buy something from the Pink Head range by visiting the Tarina Tarantino website. Or you can find pieces from her collection from sellers on eBay.

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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