Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sanrio x Tokidoki Special

In last weekend's post I wrote about an awesome brand called Tokidoki and how they like to collaborate with other awesome brands, one of which is Sanrio. As you all should know, Sanrio are the parents of Hello Kitty and all her Kawaii friends such as Dear Daniel, My Melody, Kuromi, Little Twin Stars and Bad Badtz Maru, to name a few. Over the last few years Tokidoki have collaborated several times with Sanrio and Hello Kitty. Amongst the bags and clothing that they have produced in the ranges, Tokidoki have thrown in various items such as key rings. I love items like this as they are easy to convert into items such as necklaces or rings, and even the odd hair clip. In 2011 Tokidoki produced the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki TVC which was only available in 7 Eleven stores in Hong Kong. The range included these extremely Kawaii key chains:

The four above show Hello Kitty accompanied by or dressed as various characters within the Tokidoki range. They are quite large and were just crying out to be necklace pendants rather than just a key chain. The Donutella pendant measures 6.5cm from ear to toe, so they make quite a big statement when worn as a necklace.

These two pendants are slightly different from the others are they are double sided. On the one side you can see a sun with a Hello Kitty bow and a star also wearing a Hello Kitty bow. These are as large as the four pendants above so again, make quite the impression. I even wore the star pendant to work last week and had a colleague stop and compliment me on it ^^.   
The flip side to the pendants show Hello Kitty! but rather than her wearing her iconic bow, she's wearing the Tokidoki logo for a bow! A very Kawaii touch in the collaboration.

During another collaboration between the two brands they released various items styled with pink leopard.The range consisted of Hello Kitty dressed as a pink leopard on items that also featured various coloured leopard prints. 

This is a small bag that I managed to find that features Hello Kitty with other various TKDK characters. it's quite big so could be used as either a cosmetic bag or a small hand bag.

At the end of 2013 TKDK released the Tokidoki x Sanrio Characters range, which featured various Sanrio characters dressed as TKDI characters. 

This was a hard range to find online but I did manage to find a few small items from the Vivitix shop and Sanrio Giftgate in Tokyo. Above is a small cosmetic/pencil case which shows characters such as My Melody, Hello Kitty, Bad Badtz Maru and Keroppi. The two items in the front are small compact mirrors which are a nice size to just slip into your bag or pocket. 

Here are three key charms that I also managed to get my hands on. They feature Pompom Purin, Hello Kitty and My Melody, each dressed as a TKDK character. These are made of rubber and are quite large, with Hello Kitty being the largest at 7cm. They each feature a small mirror on their backs. As you can probably guess from my first pics that these will not be staying as key charms for very long! I full intend in making these into necklace pendants! 

I hope you liked today's post and if you haven't seen last week's post on Tokidoki then go check it out. As you may have already guessed, Tokidoki is one of my favourite brands, so if you share my love of TKDK then make sure to check back as I will keep the blog updated on any new Kawaii collaborations I come across!

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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