Friday, 18 April 2014

Pokemon Link Battle

As it's a long weekend, I will be indulging in some hobby time, which will be a mix of blog prep, Pokemon and baking! One game I will be playing is the new Pokemon Link Battle game which you can down load from the Nintendo Store on DS. The game is kinda like bejewelled but with Pokemon!

It has some Kawaii art work in the game like you can see from this loading screen which shows Pokemon from all generations including favourites such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.

The bottom screen displays the pokemon which you can move around using your stylus. You need to match up the pokemon in order to create an attack on the pokemon on the top screen. This is where it's a little different from Bejewelled as you can pick up a pokemon and move it to anywhere on the screen to create a match. The longer the chain you create the stronger the attack is. As you move through the game you enter different areas. In each area you will be attacked by various Pokemon which once you have beaten them you collect them in your Pokedex.

You can trigger a special super attack mode by linking a four then a three chain directly after each other, you then link chains of two in order to build up your combo in order to deal extra damage to the attacking Pokemon. 

A few examples of my favourite Pokemon which I have managed to catch so far are Pancham, Minun and Chespin.

The log shows you a pic, their type, where you can find them and their attack power. You can play each area more than once, which if you are a perfectionist like me, you can keep trying until you get a perfect score ^^. I'm planning to master as many areas I can over the Bank Holiday weekend, and may even pop onto Pokemon X to earn more gym badges!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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