Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mr Takeover - Chibi-Samurai

This is where I say "Hello Kawaiisters!", right?

This is Mr, taking over the blog for the first of a series of guest posts! Even guys like kawaii after all!

You might have heard of a game series by Tecmo Koei called Sengoku Musou (known as Samurai Warriors in the UK).  I've loved the series since the first game, and when I found about about a series of chibi-figurines for Samurai Warriors 3, I had to grab a few! I picked up some blind boxes in Tokyu Hands and got these guys:-

From left to right:-

Honda Tadakatsu - part of the Samurai Warriors series since the first game
Hōjō Ujiyasu - new character for Samurai Warriors 3
Kuroda Kanbei - new character for Samurai Warriors 3

The detail on these is superb, and with that classic chibi look, don't they look kawaii? ^^

I realised that it would be easier to track down my favourite characters individually...

From left to right:-

Saika Magoichi - a character from the very first Samurai Warriors (and ladies' man extraordinaire - or so he thinks!)
Date Masamune - another character from the first Samurai Warriors and probably one of the most popular and iconic historical characters from the Sengoku-era.  You'll find all sorts of characters and designs with Date-sama's famous helmet decoration
Shima Sakon - a character from Samurai Warriors 2 and my favourite tactician from the era

Of course, I couldn't let Pinkuiro Pixie go without her very own chibi-samurai, so I tracked down her favourite character, Tachibana Ginchiyo:-

Tachibana-sama appears in Samurai Warriors 2 and Pinkurio Pixie loves using her in Warriors Orochi 2 in her all-female party of doom! ^^

Hope you liked my first takeover guest blog!

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