Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lady Kitty House (*-_-*)

In today's post I'll be taking you inside Hello Kitty's new house, which is actually called Lady Kitty House.

Hello Kitty's House has been completely transformed from the one we saw when we visited Puroland in 2010, to see that house see yesterday's post. Her house is now called Lady Kitty House and has been moved within Puroland so it's all on one floor.

Here is a pic of the full length of her house, if you look closely you can see the restaurant below it on the ground floor. The outside of the house is a lot more elegant than the previous one, with pastel pinks and a gorgeous balcony which you can see in the centre of the pic.

After a small wait, you are taken inside the house and are greeted by a Puroland member of staff.

They gather all of the visitors in the hall way of the house, where you are shown a small video about Hello Kitty. The hall way had a Hello Kitty mini grand piano in the centre of it and around the outside you could see HK artwork and a couch which you could pose on for photos.

The whole house and its furnishings had a very regal feel to it reflecting the new name of Lady Kitty House. It was very different to the one we saw in 2010. The art work in this picture is very different to the cartoon art work from the previous house. This is a picture depicting Hello Kitty with her features made up of various items:  

This I loved, it was very original and very grown up, I would love this on my wall at home. I saw it as a little nod to the fact that Hello Kitty is loved by not only small children but people of ALL ages. The other wall art and even the ceiling displayed pictures of Hello Kitty sporting various outfits and doing a variety of activities. 

Once the video was over the doors in the centre of the hall way opened and we were invited to explore the house!

The house was one very large room with various areas and features that you could have your photo taken with. The first feature which struck me was a beautiful display of Hello Kitty's dresses in an almost chandelier way. 

It was gorgeous and I couldn't stop snapping pics of it and of the beautiful gowns on display. This area was Hello Kitty's dressing area with a room separator you could explore around. The separator dislayed items that had been made available in collaboration with various brands. Next to it was a make up area for Kitty which had a little vanity table made out of a compact mirror set and a set of draws made from a lipstick!

As nice as this was I couldn't stop snapping at those gowns!

Another area of the house was a little traditional tea house style area, complete with a traditionally dressed Hello Kitty preparing tea. 

It was a lovely matted area displaying various traditional Japanese artwork, some even featuring Kitty herself. You could go up onto the mat and sit and have your pic taken with Kitty so it looked like you were enjoying a lovely cup of traditional tea with her ^^

The tea pot is super Kawaii that I had to take a close up of it!

You can see from this pic how detailed everything was. The edging to the carpet even had Hello Kitty on it! and the teapot has her bow ^^

The next area was her bathroom, again, very different from the last house but super Kawaii!

This time it was a lovely pastel blue and featured a tea cup for her bath with the water being poured in from a teapot. This was super Kawaii, this is a bathroom that I want! You could even climb inside and pose for a pic. As you can see from the pic below, her bath came with a tea spoon and sugar cube ^^ all featuring Hello Kitty *sigh*

The last area you see in the room is Hello Kitty's bedroom. It's super Kawaii and is again very grown up compared to the last house. 

The bed is again very regal and shows a gorgeous display of Kitty cakes around the one side of it. You could sit on the bed and pose for pics but unfortunately the cakes were inedible, but all the same they were super cute:

Being a bit of a cake baker I may even try and bake one or two of these! Once you were finished admiring the bedroom area, in the last room of the house, was Hello Kitty *sigh again* Before you enter the room you get the option of buying Hello Kitty a rose. They only have 50 of these available each day to buy for her. If you choose to buy the rose, which if you go, I advise you do, then when you present Hello Kitty with it she will present you with a limited edition bow necklace which you can only get by giving her this rose. 

The pendant is a plastic bow locket which you can open up and keep small items inside. The middle of the bow features a rose like the one you present her with. The bow is covered in multi coloured glitter which shimmers in light. The back of the bow features a stamp on it saying Lady Kitty House:

I loved this added extra as it gave you something special as keep sake of your visit that only a few people get. 

Now you have seen both houses, which do you prefer? I loved them both but I think the new house is my favourite. It felt a lot more special than the other house and I think was an awesome nod to her older fans and the 40th Anniversary she celebrates this year. I only hope that I have a house as lush and Kawaii as this when I hit 40! I may have to start dropping hints to Mr Pinkuiropixie ;) 

I hope you enjoyed this weekend's two part post. I plan to do many more like this so if you want to keep up to date on my posts then you can follow the blog, or link my Facebook page. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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