Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kawaii Carabiners

A popular item in Japan is a Carabiner, especially with those wanting to wear Decora style! Decora style is based around the concept of more needs more, especially when its Kawaii and a Carabiner lets you display as many charms as you can fit on it, and the carabiner itself, is seen as an accessory! You can find all shapes, colours, brands and sizes of carabiner in Japan and you can coordinate them with your outfits.

While we were in Tokyo we picked up some new carabiners from the Onepiece range:

We bought these from a anime shop in Akiba, they detail two characters from the popular manga/anime. The one on the left in mine and my husband's is on the right.

The carabiners feature the flag designs of Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro. Although the purple one is mine, if I do wear a green outfit I'll have to nick the green one off my husband!

You can pick up carabiners almost anywhere, including Tokyo Disney. Here we picked up a Stitch, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. This kind of carabiner can become an accessory in itself and can fit loads of Kawaii charms on them.

This is another carabiner I picked up in Disney. This was part of the Halloween 2010 range and is in the shape of a large safety pin. You can add charms to it or wear it as an accessory on its own. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^ 

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