Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Kawaii Brooches or Hairclips?

On one of my earlier posts about Chocolate Gloomy Bears I showed you that there has been a recent increase in Kawaii Brooches/Hair Clips, with various items giving you the option to wear it as either.

While rummaging through my box of hair clips I found these Kawaii items!

These two are three furry stars with the first one having a very cute face and bow. They are quite large measuring at 13cm from end to end. I found these in an awesome accessory shop called Paris Kid's on the Takeshita Dori. They had all sorts of accessories such as earrings, rings, head bands, bows, scarves, bracelets and even facinators.

These two I just had to get, they are clouds with cute little eyes, topped off with a bow! Everything's better with a bow ^^. They are 8 cm long and came in various colours, I chose pink and white as they would go with the majority of my outfits.

The surprise to these Kawaii pieces is that you can either wear them as hair clips, or you can wear them as a brooch or a bag accessory!

As they are quite big pieces they can make quite the impression either in your hair or on a jacket or bag. I hope this trend continues as it allows you to use an item in various ways depending on your mood or outfit. If I come across any more I'll be sure to share!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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