Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hyped about HYPER JAPAN!!

If you live in the UK then you may have heard of a little annual event that occurs in London. It's called Hyper Japan and is a three day extravaganza that showcases all that Japan has to offer. From traditional food and drink, to fashion and electronics. This year's event is in July (25th-27th) and we have bought weekend tickets as we are treating it as a mini holiday ^^ So if we cannot make it to Japan, we will get to the next best thing (in the UK)!

Amongst other things the event has three HYPER areas. Hyper Fringe Market, Hyper Game and Anime Park and most important of all, HYPER KAWAIIIIIIIIII ^^ We have never been to this event before so we are uber excited and have even started discussing our outfits. If visiting Harajuku has taught us anything, it's plan your outfit! Being heavily influenced by Decora I know I will need plenty of accessories so I can mix up my look across the weekend, and I know I will be wanting to buy more when I'm there, I just can't wait to see what will be on offer!

If you have never heard of the event before and want a small taste of last year's event then here you are:

The video concentrates a lot more on the traditional stuff that was on show last year. There are a few flashes of Japanese Pop Culture but clearly not enough. I will be taking my laptop with me this year and will be doing a blog special of the whole event so make sure you come back for that!

If you fancy attending the event then tickets are on sale now, and for those with mini kawaiisters, kids go free. If you decide to get your hands on some tickets then be sure to join the Hyper Japan event on Facebook so that you catch any news on what's going to be on. If you fancy meeting up then let me know ^^

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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