Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hello Kitty's House

This weekend I'll be sharing my experience of Hello Kitty's Houses, from 2010 and 2014. As they are both so different from each other I thought it would be nice to show both! Today I'll be showing you Hello Kitty's House from 2010. You can visit the house by entering Puroland, which is the indoor theme park for Sanrio. Amongst many attractions inside Puroland stands Kitty's home. It is a must to go and see this if you are a HK fan!!

Rather than me try and describe it, here it is, the pic says more than I can!

As you can see, it's super Kawaii! This was the front main entrance where you had to queue to be let in to explore. Everything it Kitty decorated in Puroland, even the signs telling you how long you will have to wait! To the left of the pic you can see Kitty's car which you could sit inside to have your photo taken in. The next pic shows the car much better:

Hello Kitty's car was parked to the side of her house just in front of her pink picket garden fence. It is Kitty shaped and topped off with her trademark Bow. Even the number plate displayed Hello Kitty on it. ^^

This is a close up photo of the balcony on the front of Hello Kitty's house. It's draped in a lush purple material, detailed with roses and there stands Hello Kitty!

Once inside the house you are greeted by a Hello Kitty fountain display with flowers, a Hello Kitty statue, behind her you can see the fountain which came down from the ceiling from a jewelled chandelier. Either side of the fountain were couches which you could pose on for a pic, of course they had her Bow!

The house was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be and every where you looked there was Kitty! It was a lot to take in and we spent ages walking round and investigating everything on show. One of the rooms you could explore was Kitty's bedroom:

This was her bed that I managed to grab a quick pic of as it was very popular with the young kids who liked to jump all over it (hence it's slightly untidy look). Her whole bed room was flower themed as you can see from the drapes and curtains. It tied into the look of the front of the house which was decorated with roses.

Her cabinets were all Hello Kitty themed and contained items that featured Kitty that have been made over the years in collaboration with various brands.

There was also lots of couches and chairs dotted about that you could sit on including this awesome couch in her bedroom which had wings and a crown on. All of the wall art also featured Kitty ^^

You could also explore HK's bathroom which again, was pink and full of HK features, the more you saw the more you wanted to move right in! The house was quite an interactive house in that there were loads of features in which you could sit or stand in and pose for pictures. One was her bathtub! As you can see, even the tub was decorated with her Bow and you could get inside and have your photo taken. The kids loved this and I managed to snap this pic in between them swapping in and out ^^.

The next room was the dining room which had a lovely big dining table and awesome chairs, you really did want to just move in or sneak it home!

The flower theme followed throughout the house with a flower table cloth and napkins. Even the display down the middle of the table had lovely roses in it.

This was probably my favourite item in the house. I could have really taken this home and put it in my kitchen! It's an awesome cabinet with a Hello Kitty outline, her trademark bow and a crown which was also a theme that flowed throughout the house. If only they sold these in the shops! Wouldn't we all love a Hello Kitty furniture range for our homes?!

At the end of the house, was Hello Kitty *sigh* after a small wait in the queue you entered a room at the end of the house. Here you were greeted by a Puroland member of staff who took your bags and lead you towards Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty was super friendly! Giving hugs and pulling you into place for your photo with her! I had my pic with her with my husband and after her pointing out my Hello Kitty camera she grabbed our hands and pulled us in for a super Kawaii photo!

She was dressed in an Alice in Wonderland dress which was blue and decorated with black and red card symbols. She had white bunny ears on and a large black and white stripped bow! You get an official photo taken by the Puroland member of staff and if you wish you can have a quick pic taken with your own camera. The official photo is available for you to buy outside of the house in the Hello Kitty shop. The photo comes with a range of backgrounds to pick from and you get it displayed in a special folder/frame.

This is the end of the first part of this weekend's mega Hello Kitty post. The next part will be tomorrow when I will be sharing pics from this year's house that is very different from the house we saw in 2010! I hope you enjoyed the post and if you can, get there for yourself! Puroland is an awesome and super Kawaii experience!

Catch you tomorrow Kawaiisters ^^

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