Monday, 7 April 2014

Gloomy Bear...chocolate style?!

Gloomy Bear is a Kawaii bear with a dark side. He is a styled as a cute cuddly bear but is depicted dripping with blood from his claws. This is best shown in the website graphics on the designer's website. Gloomy Bear can be found on all types of merchandise from clothing to accessories and despite his blood thirsty appearance he is a very popular character.

For Valentine's Day 2014, a Gloomy Bear range was released with chocolate replacing his famous blood stains. The collection consisted of 4 colours, Banana, Strawberry, White Chocolate and Chocolate Mint.

We came across the Gloomy Bears in a Taito Game Station when it was surrounded by school girls queueing up to try and win one. They are extremely Kawaii and are an adorable size to hang as an accessory. The added surprise with this range was that it came with, not just the usual ball chain attachment, but with a brooch pin too.

The pic above shows the brooch pin which can be used to attach the plush to a jacket or bag or anywhere else you fancy. It measures 12cm so is a good size to be used as a centre piece accessory. The brooch pin appears to be a popular addition and one that you could see popping up on all types of accessories, from plushes to hair clips. It's a great addition to get more use out of your accessories as you can change up how you use it each time.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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