Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Disney Fashion meets Harajuku Style

There are many, many styles of fashion that you can come across when walking through the Takeshita Dori. When we were there in February we saw a lot of young fashion conscious people wearing strong, bold colours and prints in their outfits. One popular item that we saw a lot of was a multi coloured retro Mickey Mouse hoodie which was worn by both boys and girls. Although we looked every where we couldn't find the store selling it (;_・)that was until we visited Tokyo Disney!

This was the top!! It's very bright and colourful and allows you to wear any colour accessories with it. Since being back I haven't managed to wear it but it will definitely form part of my summer wardrobe and I may even take it to Hyper Japan! Another top we spotted in Tokyo Disney was a Toy Story hoodie which appeared to prove very popular with the more extreme fashions such as punk.

It features all of the main characters and even has the toy soldiers climbing on hoodie strings. The back of the hoodie features Buzz Lightyear and the much loved aliens:

The hoodie is again covered in brightly coloured detail and can be worn with any colour accessories you want to wear. Both hoodies are really good quality, have bags of detail and fitted straight into the looks of those who shop in Harajuku, especially on the Takeshita Dori. Even the hood on the Toy Story hoodie is detailed:

The inside of the hood is the pattern of Andy's wall, which is a blue sky and fluffy white clouds! This just adds to the awesomeness of the hoodie, I can see why it's proved popular with the fashionistas!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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