Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Tonight's post was inspired from an email I received today from a little shop called Beadesaurus.

Beadesaurus is a small wife and husband shop that started many years ago in the Oasis Market in Birmingham City Centre. It was a mecca of beads and cute accessories which came in handy if you were rocking a decora look. Today it sells a whole range of goods ranging from clothing and accessories, to baby items and homewares. Its ranges mainly focus on the scary Kawaii look which you may have seen on Kawaii International in the last few months. They stock a wide range of brands including Sanrio, Loungefly, Kreepsville 666, Crowded Teeth and My Little Pony to name a few.

You can find Beadesaurus online and they still have a small store in the Oasis Market, Birmingham. I have shopped both online and in store and have never had any problems, the staff are really friendly as well. You may also like to know that in the email I received today they are having a Mega Sale on their Hello Kitty embossed range which is lovely and a nice range to use if you work in a formal setting like an office. The range (although they aren't part of the sale) also includes some very Kawaii Limited Edition Loungefly bags, which I think I may need to acquire, being a lover of leopard ^^.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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