Sunday, 27 April 2014

6%DokiDoki Special

Hidden within the maze of small side streets in Harajuku is a decora jewel that every Kawaiister should visit! 6%DokiDoki is the invention of Sebastian Masuda that was established in 1995. Since its inception it has grown to be a symbol of the Decora style that was born on the streets of Harajuku. With its colourful, bold and often child like style, 6%DokiDoki has become a global brand that is adored by all who love Kawaii.

The store in Harajuku is very small and intimate and is a must if you are visiting the area. You can't miss the colourful store with its pink walls, yellow railings and trade mark symbol:

Once you work your way up the small exterior staircase, you walk inside what at first appears to be a dark space. But once inside, you can't help but be distracted by all of the colourful store decorations! Unfortunately you cannot take photos within the store but you can catch a glimpse of the inside here.

Once you get inside you are greeted by the stores famous Store Girls, Vani and Yuka who have become celebrities in their own right due to their ultra Kawaii Decora style. They are as much as part of the store decorations as everything else! I honestly felt like I was in the presence of Decora Royalty! They are extremely friendly and offer help if you need it.

The store sells all sorts of Kawaii merchandise such as clothes, jewellery and accessories. I had been lucky to get two very iconic pieces of jewellery for Christmas.

This is a double fingered ring that says DokiDoki in Japanese ^^ It's a very popular piece which you can see in a lot of pics representing the store.

This set speaks for itself. It consists of one, one fingered ring (6%) and one two fingered ring (DOKI). This is another popular set that many people adore! Both these and the first ring above are all adjustable rings:

After getting these two sets for Christmas I couldn't wait to visit the store and check out all of the other Kawaii goods on offer. As a big fan of earrings and with having three in each ear, I love to decorate my ears with small, Kawaii and colourful earrings and I managed to find a few sets in the store.

I managed to get two sets of tetris earrings, two sets of space invader earrings, one set of angel wings, one set of bat/devil wings and a pair of super Kawaii shooting stars! They are adorable and were very reasonably priced.

This has to be my most favourite item that I bought! 

 This is a very large ring of a heart with a thunderbolt going through it. It is mirrored so it is extra glitzy and eye catching. Again, the ring on the back is adjustable. It's a statement piece so you might want to make it the main item in your look. When worn it spans the whole of my hand:

I haven't worn this item yet as I'm scared of getting it damaged but I am thinking of debuting it in one of my outfits at Hyper Japan!

While I was in the store in February I was speaking to the store manager who was intrigued as to where we had travelled from. When I told her we were from the UK she was happy to see that the store and style had reached so far! And before we left the manager asked whether I wanted a photo with the two Store Girls \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ I just had to say yes!!

This was my favourite day in Harajuku! I only wish the shop was a little bigger so I had more of an excuse to stay in there! I sincerely recommend that you visit the shop if you visit Harajuku as it is a truly Kawaii experience ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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