Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Driving me Lalaloopsy!!

I'm always looking for new items to help Kawaii up my look and home and couldn't believe my eyes when I came across the Lalaloopsy range of rag dolls. Each doll is made as a reflection of a theme, the material they are made from and their very own pet. The Lalaloopsy brand, in their own words the dolls were, "Designed to encourage a child's imagination and creativity" and "teach important life lessons such as diversity, individuality and the idea that everything deserves a second life."

I very much believe that everyone should embrace their individuality and rather than copy each other, embrace your differences. The world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same and liked the same things.

Anyway, the Lalaloopsy range consists of lots of different dolls, in different sizes. They can be found in shops such as the Entertainer in the UK and I have even found them in Sainsburys.

I love the large, 12 inch dolls as I think they look amazing on display.

Each doll comes in a themed box which you could leave them in when on display. I have also found a smaller doll, which is sold as a Lalaloopsy Littles which also come in themed boxes accompanied with pets!

This is an awesome Alice in Wonderland Lalaloopsy doll with the classic blue dress, blonde hair and white rabbit as her pet. For those who are fond of them, it also comes with a collectable poster.

This is a doll based on a neopolitan ice cream! Her hair is the classic chocolate, strawberry and vanilla colours. Her pet is a waffle cone with ice cream on top!

The Lalaloopsy Little is based on a mime artist. She is super Kawaii with bright pink hair, black and white striped dungarees and a beret. Her pet is a croissant! How Kawaii is that!!

Are you a fan of Lalaloopsy? Do you have any favourite ones?  ^^

Monday, 28 April 2014

Dempagumi.Inc - otaku pop!

Evening Kawaiisters, I have been ill today (▰˘︹˘▰) so to cheer myself up I have been checking out Kawaii pop groups and videos! One of my favourites of the day is Dempagumi.Inc.

Dempagumi.Inc, are another idol group based in Akiba, but their style is more quirky than the more famous AKB48 and the members are said to be 'former otaku'.  This video is uber Kawaii though!

Are there any super Kawaii groups that you know of? I'm always looking for more to skip around to! ^^

Sunday, 27 April 2014

6%DokiDoki Special

Hidden within the maze of small side streets in Harajuku is a decora jewel that every Kawaiister should visit! 6%DokiDoki is the invention of Sebastian Masuda that was established in 1995. Since its inception it has grown to be a symbol of the Decora style that was born on the streets of Harajuku. With its colourful, bold and often child like style, 6%DokiDoki has become a global brand that is adored by all who love Kawaii.

The store in Harajuku is very small and intimate and is a must if you are visiting the area. You can't miss the colourful store with its pink walls, yellow railings and trade mark symbol:

Once you work your way up the small exterior staircase, you walk inside what at first appears to be a dark space. But once inside, you can't help but be distracted by all of the colourful store decorations! Unfortunately you cannot take photos within the store but you can catch a glimpse of the inside here.

Once you get inside you are greeted by the stores famous Store Girls, Vani and Yuka who have become celebrities in their own right due to their ultra Kawaii Decora style. They are as much as part of the store decorations as everything else! I honestly felt like I was in the presence of Decora Royalty! They are extremely friendly and offer help if you need it.

The store sells all sorts of Kawaii merchandise such as clothes, jewellery and accessories. I had been lucky to get two very iconic pieces of jewellery for Christmas.

This is a double fingered ring that says DokiDoki in Japanese ^^ It's a very popular piece which you can see in a lot of pics representing the store.

This set speaks for itself. It consists of one, one fingered ring (6%) and one two fingered ring (DOKI). This is another popular set that many people adore! Both these and the first ring above are all adjustable rings:

After getting these two sets for Christmas I couldn't wait to visit the store and check out all of the other Kawaii goods on offer. As a big fan of earrings and with having three in each ear, I love to decorate my ears with small, Kawaii and colourful earrings and I managed to find a few sets in the store.

I managed to get two sets of tetris earrings, two sets of space invader earrings, one set of angel wings, one set of bat/devil wings and a pair of super Kawaii shooting stars! They are adorable and were very reasonably priced.

This has to be my most favourite item that I bought! 

 This is a very large ring of a heart with a thunderbolt going through it. It is mirrored so it is extra glitzy and eye catching. Again, the ring on the back is adjustable. It's a statement piece so you might want to make it the main item in your look. When worn it spans the whole of my hand:

I haven't worn this item yet as I'm scared of getting it damaged but I am thinking of debuting it in one of my outfits at Hyper Japan!

While I was in the store in February I was speaking to the store manager who was intrigued as to where we had travelled from. When I told her we were from the UK she was happy to see that the store and style had reached so far! And before we left the manager asked whether I wanted a photo with the two Store Girls \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ I just had to say yes!!

This was my favourite day in Harajuku! I only wish the shop was a little bigger so I had more of an excuse to stay in there! I sincerely recommend that you visit the shop if you visit Harajuku as it is a truly Kawaii experience ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Momoiro Clover Z - Pokemon!

Idol group and pokemon, in one video? Kawaii overload!

Working on tomorrow's special post! You don't want to miss it!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Mr Takeover - Tokidoki x New Era

Hello Kawaiisters!

This is Mr, taking over the blog again for a post about the ongoing Tokidoki x New Era collaborations.

I love New Era caps and they form an important part of the street/urban style that is as popular in Japan as it is here in the UK - brands such as BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club and New Era all have stores in Harajuku (it's not all Lolitas and Gyaru!!).  Being married to a Tokidoki fanatic it's pretty obvious I was going to end up with a small (but growing!) collection of the awesome Tokidoki x New Era caps.  Here's my collection...

The ones that still have the visor labels are snapbacks, which aren't usually my first choice (I'm a fitted guy) - but sometimes a design is too cool (and kawaii!) to pass by - especially that Bad Geisha design on the front cap!

As you can see, the caps feature a mix of the Tokidoki dreamer girls (that Pinkuiro Pixie talked about in the Tokidoki Special post) and other characters in that awesome TKDK style.  One special feature of the Tokidoki x New Era collaboration caps is the undervisors...

These are ultra-detailed and add that extra touch to a component that other caps often overlook.  To show the quality and level of detail, here's a close-up of the Bad Geisha undervisor:

Pretty cool and kawaii huh?

In the UK we are lucky enough to have access to a few New Era Flagship Stores - the Birmingham store is really relaxed and the staff are friendly and helpful, so if you are in the Second City, don't be afraid to pop in and check out what TKDK x New Era collabs are new in store!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kawaii Carabiners

A popular item in Japan is a Carabiner, especially with those wanting to wear Decora style! Decora style is based around the concept of more needs more, especially when its Kawaii and a Carabiner lets you display as many charms as you can fit on it, and the carabiner itself, is seen as an accessory! You can find all shapes, colours, brands and sizes of carabiner in Japan and you can coordinate them with your outfits.

While we were in Tokyo we picked up some new carabiners from the Onepiece range:

We bought these from a anime shop in Akiba, they detail two characters from the popular manga/anime. The one on the left in mine and my husband's is on the right.

The carabiners feature the flag designs of Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro. Although the purple one is mine, if I do wear a green outfit I'll have to nick the green one off my husband!

You can pick up carabiners almost anywhere, including Tokyo Disney. Here we picked up a Stitch, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. This kind of carabiner can become an accessory in itself and can fit loads of Kawaii charms on them.

This is another carabiner I picked up in Disney. This was part of the Halloween 2010 range and is in the shape of a large safety pin. You can add charms to it or wear it as an accessory on its own. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^ 

Hamasaki Ayumi - Today's alarm ^^

Today Ayu woke us up to her awesome tune Evolution.

Unfortunately I could only find a snippet of a video but it's better than nothing!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Loungefly - Dark Hello Kitty

Loungefly are a US based company that produce tonnes of Kawaii accessories, bags and clothing. Amongst items designed and sold under their company brand, they also produce licensed products for brands such as Sanrio. Over the years they have brought out many Hello Kitty ranges, one of which being this one:

I have called it Dark Hello Kitty as it features mainly black, white and grey and skull and cross bones. The range had several pieces in it two of which were a set of earrings and a set of hair slides. 

There were six sets of earrings in the set, this is four of them. As you can see in the top set of earrings, Hello Kitty has been designed to look almost angry. The second set is a large pair of her bow that features a skull and cross bones in the centre. The last set are of a full Hello Kitty wearing a rocker outfit.

The range included an awesome set of hair slides that feature Hello Kitty with various skull and cross bones designs. They are quite large features and can be a statement on their own. Loungefly are constantly putting out new ranges for Hello Kitty as well as brands such as Disney, My Little Pony and Paul Frank.

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Disney Fashion meets Harajuku Style

There are many, many styles of fashion that you can come across when walking through the Takeshita Dori. When we were there in February we saw a lot of young fashion conscious people wearing strong, bold colours and prints in their outfits. One popular item that we saw a lot of was a multi coloured retro Mickey Mouse hoodie which was worn by both boys and girls. Although we looked every where we couldn't find the store selling it (;_・)that was until we visited Tokyo Disney!

This was the top!! It's very bright and colourful and allows you to wear any colour accessories with it. Since being back I haven't managed to wear it but it will definitely form part of my summer wardrobe and I may even take it to Hyper Japan! Another top we spotted in Tokyo Disney was a Toy Story hoodie which appeared to prove very popular with the more extreme fashions such as punk.

It features all of the main characters and even has the toy soldiers climbing on hoodie strings. The back of the hoodie features Buzz Lightyear and the much loved aliens:

The hoodie is again covered in brightly coloured detail and can be worn with any colour accessories you want to wear. Both hoodies are really good quality, have bags of detail and fitted straight into the looks of those who shop in Harajuku, especially on the Takeshita Dori. Even the hood on the Toy Story hoodie is detailed:

The inside of the hood is the pattern of Andy's wall, which is a blue sky and fluffy white clouds! This just adds to the awesomeness of the hoodie, I can see why it's proved popular with the fashionistas!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Monday, 21 April 2014

Tarina Tarantino - Hello Kitty Pink Head Collection

I have spent the weekend sorting through all of my accessories in search of inspiration for my blog and outfits for the upcoming Cons I will be attending in July. I have built quite a collection over the last 10 years and had forgotten about half of the things I had stored away in boxes and bags, so this weekend has been a lovely rediscovery of some awesome brands and sets that you can still get your hands on.

One of my many favourite collections come from a lovely Kawaii designer called Tarina Tarantino. If you have heard or seen Tarina you probably want her hair as much as I do! If only I could find out what brand of dye she uses! ^^ Anyway, Tarina collaborated with Sanrio in 2002 to produce the Pink Head Hello Kitty range. The Pink Head range includes hair accessories, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and even the odd bag. The range consists of many mini ranges itself including Gothic Lolita, MOD, Bridal and Heritage name a few. Pink Head has been admired and worn by many celebrities and can make a real statement in your outfit whether it be informal day to day wear or for a formal outing.

I have managed to build a small collection of Pink Head thanks to my lovely husband <3 The first piece I got was a MOD pink heart necklace which I think is still my favourite:

It has a thick chunky chain which connects at the front. The MOD pic in the middle of the heart is surrounded by Swarovski crystals which give the pendant some glitz. I have worn this to special events and to days out, I have even worn it to work! It feels a shame to leave it at home, boxed up only to be used at special events ^^. I loved this necklace so much that my husband surprised me the next birthday with another one!

This is also from the MOD range but the heart and crystals come in a gorgeous yellow. It's a lovely summery colour and again can be worn for any type of event. With the weather getting nicer this one might have to come out of the draw more often ^^

The final heart necklace in the Pink Head range I have is a Heart Necklace. The heart comes in a lovely deep pinky purple that compliments the colours on the pendant picture. The crystals are a glittery purple colour and the picture shows Hello Kitty holding a teddy bear with her hair being long and wispy. Another purple necklace that I have is a crystal medallion necklace:

The picture on the pendant is the same as the one on the purple heart necklace above. This is a more delicate necklace with a less chunky chain and a crystal at the very end of the chain clasp. I do keep this necklace for special occasions. 

Each necklace comes with a little Hello Kitty shaped plaque on the back showing it was a product of Tarina Tarantino. This is a nice little touch that makes the pieces feel even more special. 

You can view and even buy something from the Pink Head range by visiting the Tarina Tarantino website. Or you can find pieces from her collection from sellers on eBay.

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lady Kitty House (*-_-*)

In today's post I'll be taking you inside Hello Kitty's new house, which is actually called Lady Kitty House.

Hello Kitty's House has been completely transformed from the one we saw when we visited Puroland in 2010, to see that house see yesterday's post. Her house is now called Lady Kitty House and has been moved within Puroland so it's all on one floor.

Here is a pic of the full length of her house, if you look closely you can see the restaurant below it on the ground floor. The outside of the house is a lot more elegant than the previous one, with pastel pinks and a gorgeous balcony which you can see in the centre of the pic.

After a small wait, you are taken inside the house and are greeted by a Puroland member of staff.

They gather all of the visitors in the hall way of the house, where you are shown a small video about Hello Kitty. The hall way had a Hello Kitty mini grand piano in the centre of it and around the outside you could see HK artwork and a couch which you could pose on for photos.

The whole house and its furnishings had a very regal feel to it reflecting the new name of Lady Kitty House. It was very different to the one we saw in 2010. The art work in this picture is very different to the cartoon art work from the previous house. This is a picture depicting Hello Kitty with her features made up of various items:  

This I loved, it was very original and very grown up, I would love this on my wall at home. I saw it as a little nod to the fact that Hello Kitty is loved by not only small children but people of ALL ages. The other wall art and even the ceiling displayed pictures of Hello Kitty sporting various outfits and doing a variety of activities. 

Once the video was over the doors in the centre of the hall way opened and we were invited to explore the house!

The house was one very large room with various areas and features that you could have your photo taken with. The first feature which struck me was a beautiful display of Hello Kitty's dresses in an almost chandelier way. 

It was gorgeous and I couldn't stop snapping pics of it and of the beautiful gowns on display. This area was Hello Kitty's dressing area with a room separator you could explore around. The separator dislayed items that had been made available in collaboration with various brands. Next to it was a make up area for Kitty which had a little vanity table made out of a compact mirror set and a set of draws made from a lipstick!

As nice as this was I couldn't stop snapping at those gowns!

Another area of the house was a little traditional tea house style area, complete with a traditionally dressed Hello Kitty preparing tea. 

It was a lovely matted area displaying various traditional Japanese artwork, some even featuring Kitty herself. You could go up onto the mat and sit and have your pic taken with Kitty so it looked like you were enjoying a lovely cup of traditional tea with her ^^

The tea pot is super Kawaii that I had to take a close up of it!

You can see from this pic how detailed everything was. The edging to the carpet even had Hello Kitty on it! and the teapot has her bow ^^

The next area was her bathroom, again, very different from the last house but super Kawaii!

This time it was a lovely pastel blue and featured a tea cup for her bath with the water being poured in from a teapot. This was super Kawaii, this is a bathroom that I want! You could even climb inside and pose for a pic. As you can see from the pic below, her bath came with a tea spoon and sugar cube ^^ all featuring Hello Kitty *sigh*

The last area you see in the room is Hello Kitty's bedroom. It's super Kawaii and is again very grown up compared to the last house. 

The bed is again very regal and shows a gorgeous display of Kitty cakes around the one side of it. You could sit on the bed and pose for pics but unfortunately the cakes were inedible, but all the same they were super cute:

Being a bit of a cake baker I may even try and bake one or two of these! Once you were finished admiring the bedroom area, in the last room of the house, was Hello Kitty *sigh again* Before you enter the room you get the option of buying Hello Kitty a rose. They only have 50 of these available each day to buy for her. If you choose to buy the rose, which if you go, I advise you do, then when you present Hello Kitty with it she will present you with a limited edition bow necklace which you can only get by giving her this rose. 

The pendant is a plastic bow locket which you can open up and keep small items inside. The middle of the bow features a rose like the one you present her with. The bow is covered in multi coloured glitter which shimmers in light. The back of the bow features a stamp on it saying Lady Kitty House:

I loved this added extra as it gave you something special as keep sake of your visit that only a few people get. 

Now you have seen both houses, which do you prefer? I loved them both but I think the new house is my favourite. It felt a lot more special than the other house and I think was an awesome nod to her older fans and the 40th Anniversary she celebrates this year. I only hope that I have a house as lush and Kawaii as this when I hit 40! I may have to start dropping hints to Mr Pinkuiropixie ;) 

I hope you enjoyed this weekend's two part post. I plan to do many more like this so if you want to keep up to date on my posts then you can follow the blog, or link my Facebook page. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^