Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There's always time to be Kawaii ^^

One of the easiest and most affordable ways we have found to Kawaii up a room is to add a clock! Kawaii clocks are pretty easy to get a hold of and if you're bold enough to go big then you can add an impressive feature to your room.

The above clock is an adorable desk type clock that flicks the minutes and hours over displaying many Kawaii Hello Kitty expressions. This I think is one of my favourite clocks that we have in our home ^^.

These are our kitchen clocks. The top clock is Rilakkuma and displays the UK time. The bottom clock is Korilakkuma and displays the current time in Japan. When we were redecorating our kitchen we wanted a nice big statement on the one wall and when we started looking at clocks on ebay we came across a UK seller that had both clocks listed. We couldn't decide which clock we wanted and had the idea to get both to display both time zones. As we listen to lots of Japanese radio stations in our kitchen it was helpful to have the time displayed so we knew what radio shows would be on.

This is the clock in our living room. We have had this clock for quite a few years now but it still matches our decor to a T. This gem was found in a Sanrio section of the Birmingham Selfridges that has now unfortunately disappeared. ><

This is the final clock I have to show you. It was our old kitchen clock which is awaiting relocation ^^. It's a moving clock which has the feet move as the seconds tick by.

I hope you are enjoying my posts, I want to show how Kawaii can influence every aspect of your life, from fashion to your home ^^

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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