Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sakura Season

As Sakura Season is upon us, and as I pass some beautiful Sakura trees on my way to and from work, I have decided to use it as today's blog inspiration. Sakura Season is a highly anticipated event that occurs in Japan around this time every year. The Season is so popular that you can even find Sakura Season reports and forecasts on the internet. Today I found a guide on that listed all the prefectures of Japan and when the season was expected to start. Areas where the season has already begun are also indicated by displaying a little kawaii cherry blossom symbol.

Some of the trees in my area are already blooming so I just had to take a snap or two. 

The picture above is a small and very well hidden Japanese garden in Brindley Place in Birmingham. Its a beautiful area and very tranquil. These snaps were taken two weeks ago early in the day before many people were about so I managed to get some lovely snaps. The picture below is of a cherry blossom tree just down the road from my home. Its outside a lovely 1930's library and whilst I took some snaps the bees were buzzing around enjoying the blossoms. 

With how popular Sakura is, it's no surprise that it finds its way onto and into all sorts of kawaii things! Below is the range Starbucks Japan were selling during February this year. 

My husband ordered the Sakura Chiffon Cake which looked beautiful and very delicate. I managed to snap this photo of his cake before he devoured it. He thought the cake tasted as good as it looked ^^.

You can even find a Sakura Care Bear, this is one I picked up a few years ago, this is Sweet Sakura Bear ^^. 

Now, I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, but if I could get my hands on it, I'd eat this every day! 

This was a limited edition Sakura ice cream that Haagan-Dazs released for their 30th anniversary, while we were on holiday. IT WAS DELICIOUS ^^. We would quite happily sign a petition to Haagan-Dazs to make this a regular flavour!!

If you have Cherry Blossom trees in your area make sure you go out and enjoy them, as unlike Kawaii, they don't last forever!!

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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