Monday, 24 March 2014

Kawaii Phones

One fashion item you cannot be seen without in Japan is your phone! Everyone has a mobile in Japan and they accessorise it just like it is another part of their outfit. You can find all sorts of ways to Kawaii up your phone, from the case, button stickers, charms and headphones. When we visited earlier this year we had the iphone 4s which we knew would be an old model in Japan as they are a fast paced tochnology society, but we didnt realise how difficult it would be just to find a new kawaii case! After alot of searching and dashing in and out of shops, I managed to find a Hello Kitty case and believe me it was worth the wait! We found this little gem in the sale section of a Vivitix shop in Odaiba.
The case is rubber and in the form of a Hello Kitty chocolate bar with the squares displaying a mixture of Hello Kitty, KT and Hello Kitty's bow, with one square missing and being replaced with Hello Kitty's head. Now that I had a case i need a charm and what can beat a Pokemon themed charm! The charm I found was in the shape of a crepe, which are a common dessert you can find in various areas of Tokyo (to be covered in a future blog ^^). Inside the crepe is an Eevee topped with cream and colourful sprinkles. The wrapping is poke ball styled and the insert to the phone is a poke ball.

Now that I had kawaii'd up my phone, the search was on for one for my husband's phone. This proved much harder than my one. After a week of searching we came across a semi transparent One Piece X Panson Works case that features the straw hat crew in a Kawaii style. He loves it ^^

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and come back for more!
Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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