Sunday, 23 March 2014

Minnie's Sweets

On our recent trip to Tokyo we visited Tokyo Disney Resort, which is always a must! Before entering Disney, a couple of minutes from Maihama Station there is a Disney Store in which you can find lots of the Resort Limited Edition merchandise that you can buy inside Disney. Having been to Tokyo Disney before, and seeing how busy the stores can be inside Disney, we took advantage of our early arrival at Maihama to scout the store, buy lots of kawaii goodies and to purchase the must have head gear to wear while inside Disney.

One of the standout kawaii ranges we came across was the Minnie's Sweets range ^^. There was a wide variety of goods, some of which we just couldn't get home. What we did manage to bring home was:

A pair of the most kawaii slippers! A lovely pastel mint green with Mickey's head as a macaroon and two adorable face clothes. I know to some a face cloth may seem like a strange thing to buy but in Japan face clothes are used by many people to keep cool and moisture free, something we now do at home during the warmer months.

Kawaii Mickey Macaroon earrings in a mix of pastel colours. The sets came as a set of six earrings, one of each colour. I bought two sets so I had the option to wear them as a pair.

I also picked several packs of phone charms. All extremely kawaii and very versatile. I will be using these as a mixture of phone charms, key charms and as parts of home made accessories.

The final Minnie's Sweets purchase was two sets of Kawaii pegs. These will also be used as pegs and parts of home made accessories ^^

This was my favourite range during this visit I just wish I could have fitted some of the Kawaii homeware in our suitcases! Once I have created the accessories, I'll let you have a peek ^^.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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