Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kawaii in the office

Today I decided to have a tidy up at work. While going through my drawers I thought 'why not show how Kawaii can follow you to work?' I have a very boring office job unfortunately the décor is equally as boring. The walls are white and the desks and floor are grey. But that doesn't stop me doing what I can to add a little Kawaii to the office. I love stationery and have found that it can be a great way to add colour to my day and my desk. Below is a pic of my pen pot. It was part of an awesome range that Paperchase did about two years ago. I find that Paperchase do some really Kawaii items if you pop by and have a good look. As you can see inside the pot, its full of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma pens and pencils. I also have some awesome brightly coloured fine pens from Muji which are also fab at adding colour to a very boring note pad ^^. On the right side of the pen pot is an adorable panda paper stamp that is used as an alternative to staples. The left side of the pot is a Hello Kitty stapler. In front of the pot is the Rilakkuma pencil sharpener that came with the pencils and ruler inside the pot. 

The next photo shows a cupcake styled note paper tub which I got given to me by an awesome colleague, she knows me so well ^^. From the right, you can see a Korilakkuma head which is actually a corrective tippex under the left ear, next to it is a Rilakkuma keyboard brush and on the left side is a small Sentimental Circus note pad. All three of these I got as part of a monthly subscription service called Kawaii Club. When you sign up to this service you pay a monthly subscription and each month you are sent a mystery package containing lots of Kawaii items. 

The last photo is of a small hidden stationery draw that I use to store all my smaller stationery. You can see various types of paper clip from normal pink ones to pink @ signs. There is also a few tiny pink pegs that are not the most practical at holding paper together but they are absolutely KAWAII! The items at the top of the pic in a row are bento erasers that I have received in Kawaii Club. Again, not the best at erasing but are uber KAWAII and make me smile every time I open the draw! ^^ In the middle of the draw is a pink syringe highlighter that I got given as a freebee. The other items you can see are various shape, sizes and characters sticky note pads. One is Hello Kitty as a panda, another is Korilakkuma's head. I save these for special notes as to not use them all up.

To add even more Kawaii to my desk I plan on sticking various small figures to the top of my computer screen. I used to have Hello Kitty's all along the top of my screen, but since having it replaced I've not had chance to redo it. I think its about time I did!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and it gave you a little inspiration to bring Kawaii into your work place, even if it is just a boring grey office.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

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