Monday, 31 March 2014

Hello Kitty - Japanimation ^^

Hello Kawaiisters!!

The Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland attended the San Diego Comic Con event in 2013. Here saw the launch of a new range of Hello Kitty which has been come to be called Japanimation.  An awesome video of the launch can be seen below:

I have to say after seeing this video I am so jealous of those who got to attend, it looked awesome! Although this is not an event I could attend, I did manage to get to Japan in February and was lucky enough to be in Puroland when the new Japanimation range was put out on the shelves in the Puroland shop. It wasn't a huge collection but I did pick up two items. A small bag which could be used as either a clutch bag or a make up/accessory bag. There are two sections to the bag which has come in useful in keeping smaller accessories safe when travelling home. The second item I picked up was a larger shopper bag.

This bag holds quite a bit if you're using it to carry your everyday bits. I have taken it to work and it even fitted my lunch box in it. The design is my new favourite of all the Sanrio collections, with Hello Kitty X Tokidoki being the only exception ^^. I will definitely be hunting down a few more items in this range as it's available on both the Sanrio Japan site and the Sanrio US site. I may even have to attempt the nails that can be seen in the video.

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