Monday, 31 March 2014

Hello Kitty - Japanimation ^^

Hello Kawaiisters!!

The Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland attended the San Diego Comic Con event in 2013. Here saw the launch of a new range of Hello Kitty which has been come to be called Japanimation.  An awesome video of the launch can be seen below:

I have to say after seeing this video I am so jealous of those who got to attend, it looked awesome! Although this is not an event I could attend, I did manage to get to Japan in February and was lucky enough to be in Puroland when the new Japanimation range was put out on the shelves in the Puroland shop. It wasn't a huge collection but I did pick up two items. A small bag which could be used as either a clutch bag or a make up/accessory bag. There are two sections to the bag which has come in useful in keeping smaller accessories safe when travelling home. The second item I picked up was a larger shopper bag.

This bag holds quite a bit if you're using it to carry your everyday bits. I have taken it to work and it even fitted my lunch box in it. The design is my new favourite of all the Sanrio collections, with Hello Kitty X Tokidoki being the only exception ^^. I will definitely be hunting down a few more items in this range as it's available on both the Sanrio Japan site and the Sanrio US site. I may even have to attempt the nails that can be seen in the video.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kuma Crafts Special

A few years ago, while I was scouring the internet for a new source of Kawaii jewellery, I came across an awesome store called Kuma Crafts. When I originally found them they didn't have a website, they were just a small seller on Etsy. Etsy is a great place to find those hidden gems; those sellers that are really pushing the design envelope and creating beautiful works of Kawaii. When I originally came across Kuma they were creating jewellery as a part time thing as well as working full time, so pieces were always limited and sold out FAST!! Luckily for me I have a ninja for a husband and he managed to get his hands on quite a collection for me since then.

Some of the first designs that caught my eye on Kuma were cupcake related. I love cupcakes, and I'm known to make a decent one, so when I saw these necklaces I just had to get them. They are pretty big designs so make quite a statement when worn.

This first design is of a kitty peeking over the top of a luscious cupcake that's topped with a cherry. It's a pretty big pendant so you can make it the focus of your outfit. I have worn it to work several times and I always get comments. Sometimes people mistake the cat for Hello Kitty because I'm known for my love of Hello Kitty, other times it's because of the large cupcake. MMMMM cupcakes ^^

The next necklace is of a large kitty grasping onto a cupcake. This is a larger pendant than the one above and therefore an even bigger statement when worn. I love how the cat's ears have hearts in them and that there's a heart gem on the cat's bum, very Kawaii.

The next necklace I have is a very blingy necklace (well by my standards anyway). This is a beautiful piece and I only wear it at very special events. The necklace is made of chunky pink beads. The ones around the neck are rounded and then the beads that lead to the pendant become squarer. Considering how large the beads are its quite light and very comfortable to wear.

The pendant is quite large and displays a Kawaii girl wearing a kimono, with a cherry blossom in her hair. The centre picture is set with pink crystals around it with small pink flowers that are raised on the pendant.

The pic above is of two small pendant kitty necklaces. One has nerd type glasses on (which match my own glasses ^^) and the other is nomming on a cookie. These are adorable pieces and can be worn as an everyday necklace.

The necklace on the left is around the same size as the necklaces above. This is an adorable kitty based on a maneki neko. A maneki neko cat represents good luck and the coin displayed on this necklace shows the Japanese 千万両 which means ten million ryō, or a lot of money! The necklace to the right is of a frosted kitty with a happy expression on her face. Again, this is adorable and very subtle in its appearance. This was actually sent to me for free as we purchased several items at one time ^^.

The next two necklaces are again ones that can be worn on an every day basis are are super Kawaii.

The necklace on the left is one of my favourites as I'm a big Panda fan. As you can see the pendant is of a Kawaii Panda holding a giant pink heart. This is super adorable and I probably wear this necklace the most! The necklace on the right is a uber cute pink penguin. I generally tend to catch people out when I wear this necklace as my jewellery usually consists of Pandas and Cats, but when I saw this I couldn't resist this happy little cutie.

When prepping for today's blog I came across the two little items below which were also sent to me as freebies in a larger order. The item on the left is a necklace, the pendant is of a cute kitty holding onto a giant strawberry. This is slightly different to the previous necklaces as this is a printed pendant but still very Kawaii. The item on the right is a small white kitty charm which can be used on your keys or phone, or anywhere else you like to add a touch of Kawaii to.

The next items I have to show you are some t-shirts. The top two shirts are of the same print which is a maneki neko holding a lucky coin (like the one described on the maneki neko pendant above), one is a grey shirt, the other is a baby pink shirt. The third shirt is a red shirt with a ninja cat and ninja stars design on. The stars are in a metallic silver which shimmers in the light.

The last items I have to show you are items based on the very iconic cartoon Sailor Moon........

This first necklace is the Eternal Sailor Moon Necklace. It's a beautiful pendant and very light. The wings give the necklace an angelic feel. This can be worn either at a special event or as part of your day to day outfit, it's very easy to dress it up or down.

The final necklace is one of my favourites. It's a Chibi Moon Compact necklace which is all about that huge pink SWAROVSKI crystal heart rhinestone ^^. This is a beautiful necklace that can and should be worn whenever you want to! No matter the event, whether it be food shopping, work or a party, put this on and you'll feel super KAWAII!! Again, this draws a lot of looks and comments, but who cares as long as you feel Kawaii!

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Having seen Kuma Crafts grow into the awesome business it is today I truly recommend them. I can even say that having popped onto their site while writing this I'm already compiling my next shopping list ^^.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Party Time ^^

I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday as I attended my niece's 21st birthday party, but I did take some pics of any Kawaii accessories that I wore for today's blog! I took the party to be a chance to debut some new pieces I picked up in Tokyo in February. As the weather was quite nice I wore a skirt and some bright coloured trainers, which gave me the chance to wear a pair of my new trainer socks that I got in Puroland. Below you can see they are a mix of pale pink and turquoise (which are two colours I love at the moment!) The socks are covered in Sanrio characters such as Bad Badtz Maru, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty. They are uber comfy and very Kawaii.

Another new accessory I wore for the first time was a sweetie inspired watch. The pic below is of a watch called CARAMELLISSIMA. It is part of the Spring/Summer Swatch Range called Pastry Chefs. I came across the range in the Swatch shop in a mall in Harajuku and fell in love with it, I just had to get this watch as it was such a throw back to my childhood when my mum would buy us sweetie necklaces that we would nibble on the whole way home ^^.

Next were my earrings. I love earrings and had to buy these when I saw them in a shop in Harajuku. I wore two pairs of Tetris earrings and one pair of Space Invader earrings. I bought all three pairs from 6%DokiDoki, which if you have a love of fashion you have to check them out! The store is teeny tiny but awesome and all of the staff are very friendly!

My next Kawaii item was my t-shirt, which arrived on the day of the party. It's a blue T with Sailor Moon graphics on it. My husband got it for me as a present from Shirt Punch who sell t-shirts for one day only. So what they offer that day, you can only buy that day. I have found these types of stores a really good source for awesome unique designs and at a really good price as well.

Last but certainly not least is my bag! I love my bags, I truly think you cannot have enough bags in your life! This is a Hello Kitty bag I bought online last year. Its design is of Hello Kitty's famous bow. It was a Japan exclusive and is super Kawaii ^^ the design inside is a pale pink with Hello Kitty bow outlines. For a relatively small bag, it fits quite a lot in it. It's definitely one to keep for those more special events.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I'm planning a much bigger one for tomorrow which will hopefully be the first of a larger once a week post.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kawaii in the office

Today I decided to have a tidy up at work. While going through my drawers I thought 'why not show how Kawaii can follow you to work?' I have a very boring office job unfortunately the décor is equally as boring. The walls are white and the desks and floor are grey. But that doesn't stop me doing what I can to add a little Kawaii to the office. I love stationery and have found that it can be a great way to add colour to my day and my desk. Below is a pic of my pen pot. It was part of an awesome range that Paperchase did about two years ago. I find that Paperchase do some really Kawaii items if you pop by and have a good look. As you can see inside the pot, its full of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma pens and pencils. I also have some awesome brightly coloured fine pens from Muji which are also fab at adding colour to a very boring note pad ^^. On the right side of the pen pot is an adorable panda paper stamp that is used as an alternative to staples. The left side of the pot is a Hello Kitty stapler. In front of the pot is the Rilakkuma pencil sharpener that came with the pencils and ruler inside the pot. 

The next photo shows a cupcake styled note paper tub which I got given to me by an awesome colleague, she knows me so well ^^. From the right, you can see a Korilakkuma head which is actually a corrective tippex under the left ear, next to it is a Rilakkuma keyboard brush and on the left side is a small Sentimental Circus note pad. All three of these I got as part of a monthly subscription service called Kawaii Club. When you sign up to this service you pay a monthly subscription and each month you are sent a mystery package containing lots of Kawaii items. 

The last photo is of a small hidden stationery draw that I use to store all my smaller stationery. You can see various types of paper clip from normal pink ones to pink @ signs. There is also a few tiny pink pegs that are not the most practical at holding paper together but they are absolutely KAWAII! The items at the top of the pic in a row are bento erasers that I have received in Kawaii Club. Again, not the best at erasing but are uber KAWAII and make me smile every time I open the draw! ^^ In the middle of the draw is a pink syringe highlighter that I got given as a freebee. The other items you can see are various shape, sizes and characters sticky note pads. One is Hello Kitty as a panda, another is Korilakkuma's head. I save these for special notes as to not use them all up.

To add even more Kawaii to my desk I plan on sticking various small figures to the top of my computer screen. I used to have Hello Kitty's all along the top of my screen, but since having it replaced I've not had chance to redo it. I think its about time I did!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and it gave you a little inspiration to bring Kawaii into your work place, even if it is just a boring grey office.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sakura Season

As Sakura Season is upon us, and as I pass some beautiful Sakura trees on my way to and from work, I have decided to use it as today's blog inspiration. Sakura Season is a highly anticipated event that occurs in Japan around this time every year. The Season is so popular that you can even find Sakura Season reports and forecasts on the internet. Today I found a guide on that listed all the prefectures of Japan and when the season was expected to start. Areas where the season has already begun are also indicated by displaying a little kawaii cherry blossom symbol.

Some of the trees in my area are already blooming so I just had to take a snap or two. 

The picture above is a small and very well hidden Japanese garden in Brindley Place in Birmingham. Its a beautiful area and very tranquil. These snaps were taken two weeks ago early in the day before many people were about so I managed to get some lovely snaps. The picture below is of a cherry blossom tree just down the road from my home. Its outside a lovely 1930's library and whilst I took some snaps the bees were buzzing around enjoying the blossoms. 

With how popular Sakura is, it's no surprise that it finds its way onto and into all sorts of kawaii things! Below is the range Starbucks Japan were selling during February this year. 

My husband ordered the Sakura Chiffon Cake which looked beautiful and very delicate. I managed to snap this photo of his cake before he devoured it. He thought the cake tasted as good as it looked ^^.

You can even find a Sakura Care Bear, this is one I picked up a few years ago, this is Sweet Sakura Bear ^^. 

Now, I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, but if I could get my hands on it, I'd eat this every day! 

This was a limited edition Sakura ice cream that Haagan-Dazs released for their 30th anniversary, while we were on holiday. IT WAS DELICIOUS ^^. We would quite happily sign a petition to Haagan-Dazs to make this a regular flavour!!

If you have Cherry Blossom trees in your area make sure you go out and enjoy them, as unlike Kawaii, they don't last forever!!

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There's always time to be Kawaii ^^

One of the easiest and most affordable ways we have found to Kawaii up a room is to add a clock! Kawaii clocks are pretty easy to get a hold of and if you're bold enough to go big then you can add an impressive feature to your room.

The above clock is an adorable desk type clock that flicks the minutes and hours over displaying many Kawaii Hello Kitty expressions. This I think is one of my favourite clocks that we have in our home ^^.

These are our kitchen clocks. The top clock is Rilakkuma and displays the UK time. The bottom clock is Korilakkuma and displays the current time in Japan. When we were redecorating our kitchen we wanted a nice big statement on the one wall and when we started looking at clocks on ebay we came across a UK seller that had both clocks listed. We couldn't decide which clock we wanted and had the idea to get both to display both time zones. As we listen to lots of Japanese radio stations in our kitchen it was helpful to have the time displayed so we knew what radio shows would be on.

This is the clock in our living room. We have had this clock for quite a few years now but it still matches our decor to a T. This gem was found in a Sanrio section of the Birmingham Selfridges that has now unfortunately disappeared. ><

This is the final clock I have to show you. It was our old kitchen clock which is awaiting relocation ^^. It's a moving clock which has the feet move as the seconds tick by.

I hope you are enjoying my posts, I want to show how Kawaii can influence every aspect of your life, from fashion to your home ^^

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Monday, 24 March 2014

Kawaii Phones

One fashion item you cannot be seen without in Japan is your phone! Everyone has a mobile in Japan and they accessorise it just like it is another part of their outfit. You can find all sorts of ways to Kawaii up your phone, from the case, button stickers, charms and headphones. When we visited earlier this year we had the iphone 4s which we knew would be an old model in Japan as they are a fast paced tochnology society, but we didnt realise how difficult it would be just to find a new kawaii case! After alot of searching and dashing in and out of shops, I managed to find a Hello Kitty case and believe me it was worth the wait! We found this little gem in the sale section of a Vivitix shop in Odaiba.
The case is rubber and in the form of a Hello Kitty chocolate bar with the squares displaying a mixture of Hello Kitty, KT and Hello Kitty's bow, with one square missing and being replaced with Hello Kitty's head. Now that I had a case i need a charm and what can beat a Pokemon themed charm! The charm I found was in the shape of a crepe, which are a common dessert you can find in various areas of Tokyo (to be covered in a future blog ^^). Inside the crepe is an Eevee topped with cream and colourful sprinkles. The wrapping is poke ball styled and the insert to the phone is a poke ball.

Now that I had kawaii'd up my phone, the search was on for one for my husband's phone. This proved much harder than my one. After a week of searching we came across a semi transparent One Piece X Panson Works case that features the straw hat crew in a Kawaii style. He loves it ^^

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and come back for more!
Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Minnie's Sweets

On our recent trip to Tokyo we visited Tokyo Disney Resort, which is always a must! Before entering Disney, a couple of minutes from Maihama Station there is a Disney Store in which you can find lots of the Resort Limited Edition merchandise that you can buy inside Disney. Having been to Tokyo Disney before, and seeing how busy the stores can be inside Disney, we took advantage of our early arrival at Maihama to scout the store, buy lots of kawaii goodies and to purchase the must have head gear to wear while inside Disney.

One of the standout kawaii ranges we came across was the Minnie's Sweets range ^^. There was a wide variety of goods, some of which we just couldn't get home. What we did manage to bring home was:

A pair of the most kawaii slippers! A lovely pastel mint green with Mickey's head as a macaroon and two adorable face clothes. I know to some a face cloth may seem like a strange thing to buy but in Japan face clothes are used by many people to keep cool and moisture free, something we now do at home during the warmer months.

Kawaii Mickey Macaroon earrings in a mix of pastel colours. The sets came as a set of six earrings, one of each colour. I bought two sets so I had the option to wear them as a pair.

I also picked several packs of phone charms. All extremely kawaii and very versatile. I will be using these as a mixture of phone charms, key charms and as parts of home made accessories.

The final Minnie's Sweets purchase was two sets of Kawaii pegs. These will also be used as pegs and parts of home made accessories ^^

This was my favourite range during this visit I just wish I could have fitted some of the Kawaii homeware in our suitcases! Once I have created the accessories, I'll let you have a peek ^^.

Nighty Night Kawaiisters ^^

Hello Kawaiisters

Welcome to my Blog ^^. After scouring the internet for groups and forums to share my love of Kawaii I have realised that I have a lot more to say than what I can fit in a message, so I decided to create myself a blog so I can share everything I know (and will come across) that is Kawaii. Having been lucky enough to have been to Japan twice I have lots to share which I hope you will find both enjoyable and informative and will come back for more! I have to thank my husband for helping me design the blog, you never know he may make a guest appearance along the way ^^

I have lots of posts planned, from accessories and fashion, to food and housey stuff. I hope you will join me in the Kawaii Lane ^^

Pinkuiropixie X