Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween J-Candy Special!

Yes, it's Halloween again and our Japanese family sent us some super cute special edition J-Candy!

Wonder what's in this special Enjoy Halloween box?!

It's one of PinkuiroPixie's favourites - Toppo!

Lotte collaborated with Sebastian Masuda (6%DokiDoki) for this range - which also included classics like Pai no Mi and Choco Pie.

Next up is one of my favourites, Black Thunder - this is a Halloween multi-pack special bag:

Each of the individually wrapped bars features the spooky gang on their packaging:

I especially like the ghost with the wizard hat!

Finally we received a special edition Cocoa and Milk Koala no March - we love the cute packaging on this box, with a koala enjoying a warming cup of cocoa!

We love these special editions of some of our favourite classic J-Candy treats! We'll be enjoying them tonight with a spooky movie! ^^

Mata ne!